Why I Chose to Get a WordPress Tattoo

When I was planning this tattoo, people asked why I would get a logo permanently tattooed on me.  Mainly because WordPress likely won’t exist, or I may not be into it forever.  I realize that, and that’s okay.  My response is simple:

Simply put, WordPress (and the community surrounding it) changed my life.  It taught me that I can do anything.  I can create anything.  I can be anything.  The connections I have made within the WordPress community far surpass most others in my life; both on a professional and personal level.  I have met some of my best friends through WordPress.

WordPress won’t last forever, and I’m okay with that

To think that WordPress will always be the dominant platform, or even last forever is just silly.  The times will change, people will move on.  But in the end, WordPress will still be a part of us.  When we’re old and all information is just beamed into our brains, we’ll still remember how WordPress shaped our lives.

WordPress is more than a platform

WordPress is a way of life.  We live it, we breathe it.  It will always be a part of us.

The WordPress community is something that varies from most other communities in that it is accepting of anyone; regardless of their skill level, monetary status, race, gender, sexual orientation, or preferred brand of pizza.  Time after time I’ve seen someone cared for by another as if they had grown up together.  WordPress is the family and friends that I didn’t have growing up.

What WordPress means to me

The WordPress community helped me believe in myself.  It showed me that I can do anything, and to never be ashamed that I know less than someone else on a particular topic.

Lifelong friendships have been forged with people hundreds of miles away.  It has shown me that nothing but the strength of your character really matters in the end.  I feel more accepted within the WordPress community than I ever have, and that’s something that can never be taken from me.

I got a WordPress tattoo because WordPress changed my life.

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