Why AppPresser is an incredible leap for WordPress

Some of you may have heard of AppPresser while some of you may not.  If not, you’re really missing out on a true gem.

AppPresser allows all of us WordPress users to easily deploy native Android and iOS apps with amazing simplicity.  If you’re like me and cringe at the thought of learning Objective-C, this is great news.  With AppPresser, WordPress knowledge can be directly translated to mobile app development with a very minimal learning curve.

Why is AppPresser such a huge leap forward for WordPress?  Well, this pushes WordPress further along to becoming a true application development environment.  With the creation of AppPresser, and as it takes more and more market share from traditional mobile application development methods, WordPress can gain further usage across platforms.

Not only is this a first for mobile application development using WordPress, but they execute it flawlessly.  There’s not a ridiculous amount of setup, and existing libraries from PhoneGap can be used to rapidly develop your application easily.

Made by some incredible WordPress developers, for WordPress developers, I believe AppPresser will further improve rapidly to make it one of the best WordPress tools of the year, if not the decade.


  1. I like AppPresser a lot, pretty fond of its simplicity on working with PhoneGap. There are 2 things I’m expecting: 1, push notifications extension; 2, support Windows 8, since PhoneGap support it :p

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