Active Projects

This Site

Why make yet another generic blog using the same design patterns that everyone uses? This site was designed to be the opposite of that - horrible UX and all.

That said, I’m not a complete psycho. There’s quite a bit of overengineering going on here to make this madness as accessible as possible, while still keeping it fun. If anything, it gives me a good reason to make stupid things.

Yes, it’s on GitHub.

Dumpster Fire

My dumpster fire repo is what it sounds like - a big dump of miscellaneous garbage.

I make a ton of weird, one-off projects. Sometimes it’s just to see how it would be done, sometimes I want to try a new language, framework, or approach to a problem. Most of the time, I’ll never do anything with it and it just sits around on my local environment.

Fairly often, I come across friends who are looking for a solution that I’ve already solved in one way or another. Thus, the dumpster fire repo was born to share those weird solutions that someone might find useful.

Although its contents are unlikely to be maintained, pull requests are always welcome.

Really Rich Results

Really Rich Results (RRR) is a WordPress plugin that elegantly and efficiently implements JSON-LD schema markup (structured data) on your WordPress site.

There are a wealth of SEO plugins out there, but most come with the extra bloat of a full WordPress plugin, require freemium features, or lots of configuration. RRR was designed to be a simple solution for site owners who want to “set it and forget it”, while still offering a wealth of additional features to tweak the output.

Really Rich Results was designed and developed by yours truly, with the support of Pagely.

Grab it on the WordPress plugin repo or on GitHub.

Former Projects

Heartbeat Control

Heartbeat Control was developed long ago in response to the introduction of the WordPress heartbeat API.

When the heartbeat API was first introduced, shared web hosting providers and their customers were panicking from the additional un-cached POST requests that it caused. Heartbeat Control solves that problem by providing an easy interface to manage where and how often those requests occur.

Heartbeat Control reached over 90,000 active installs before it was eventually sold to WP-Media.