I came across this one today, thanks to my friend David Bisset (seriously, follow him on Twitter. He’s full of awesome resources).

Tingle is a pure JavaScript library that makes modals super easy to create, but without sacrificing features. Create a model for your modal (yeah, that was intentional), set the content, and and handle the rest with their API. Because this is pure JavaScript and includes a dead-simple API, the modal can be manipulated insanely easily, but without the overhead of other dependencies such as jQuery.

For people like me who are terrible when it comes to design, it also comes with a few button classes. Don’t need the styling? Just don’t use the CSS file. Simple as that.

Not only is it full-featured and so easy that my technologically-impaired mother-in-law could use it, it’s tiny as well. Weighing in at 6.12KB, it’s hardly noticeable in terms of added page size. Since you don’t have to rely on other libraries either, there isn’t any added bulk or extra maintenance to deal with.

Check it out. I dig it.






WebMD compiled an excellent list of exercises to do while sitting at your desk. It can be found at the following:
Stretching Exercises at Your Desk: 12 Simple Tips

If you’re like me, most of your waking hours are spent at a desk. One of my biggest weaknesses is flexibility. My hips are rigid, my shoulders suck, and I have neck pain regularly. I see a chiropractor and get a massage every week, but that’s still not enough.

To continue improving, I try to stretch as much as possible. Not only does it help my body, but it tends to help me think as well. Sometimes when faced with a difficult problem, I take a stretch break to help loosen things up. More often than not, I come back to approach the problem with a much clearer head.

Stretch for a bit. It helps more than you could imagine.