As the price just keeps dropping, a lot of people who have been curious of cryptocurrencies have been picking up The Fury by GAW Miners.  For a beginner, it may seem a bit hard to figure out at first.  Here’s your setup instructions.

Windows Configuration

Windows is fairly simple to work with but the drivers are a bit of a pain.  Othside of that, you’re ready to rock and roll.

Driver Installation

First, install the Windows drivers.  To locate the Windows drivers, navigate to this page.

Once the driver is installed and your devices are detected on COM ports, you’re ready to rock and roll.

Mining Software

Personally, I prefer BFGminer and have had my best luck in terms of stability and hashrates with it.  Thankfully, there is a modified version of BFGminer that supports the GAW Fury.  You can download the precompiled windows binaries for this edition of BFGminer here.

If you want more information on the moedified version of BFGminer, take a look at the thread.

Create Your Startup Script

Now that you have downloaded and unpacked BFGminer, you just need to make a startup script that will allow you to start mining with a single click.  Open Notepad or your text editor of choice and enter the following:

bfgminer.exe –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u RG3KZ4r8VH8pSKi9UHZ4rDSFK2aeMqw7gW -p WORKER.PASSWORD –zeus-cc 6 –zeus-clk 340 -S zeus:\\.\COM4 -S zeus:\\.\COM5

As you can see from the above commands, we are connecting to  the minign pool, sending a user and password, then defining parameters for the miners themselves.

To get started, you will need to change your mining pool and COM ports that are defined.  Once that’s all done, save it inside your folder that contains BFGminer and name it something like start.bat.  NOTE: Be sure to save it as a .bat file.

Start Mining!

Once your script is created, just double-check on it to get it running.  If configured correctly, you should see it start mining away.

Linux Configuration

For Linux, you will not need to configure any drivers.  In this section, we’ll just go over grabbing BFGminer, and starting it up.

Mining Software

BFGminer is my mining software of choice.  Thankfully, there is a modified version of BFGminer that supports both the GAW Furty as well as Linux.

Ubuntu users:

Ubuntu binaries exist for a simple installation (which may work on Debian as well, although I have not tested it).  For Ubuntu users, you may pick up the precompiled Debian binaries here.

Building from source:

Building from source is pretty simple.  In your terminal, run the following:

git clone

cd bfgminer


chmod +x ./configure

./configure CFLAGS=”-O3″ –enable-scrypt


Once that completes, BFGminer should be ready to run.

Create Your Startup Script

If you’re on Linux, you should know at least some about a text editor.  Fire up your text editor and enter int he following:

bfgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u RG3KZ4r8VH8pSKi9UHZ4rDSFK2aeMqw7gW -p WORKER.PASSWORD –zeus-cc 6 –set zeus@/dev/ttyUSB0:clock=320 -S zeus:/dev/ttyUSB0 –set zeus@/dev/ttyUSB1:clock=320 -S zeus:/dev/ttyUSB1

Within this, simply change your server, user, and password as well as the ttyUSB ports.  To locate the ports, you may run the dmesg command within your terminal immediately after plugging in the miner.

Simply save this script as anything you like within the BFGminer folder and make it executable.  Then all you need to do is run it within your terminal windows and you’re off to mining!